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Print Solutions

Let The UPS Store help simplify your company's print distribution by leveraging our network of more than 4,800 retail locations.

Manage Your Print Distribution

With streamlined print solutions, The UPS Store® can help you manage, print and distribute your company's collateral and keep it current across your entire network - from marketing and sales materials to training manuals, forms and presentations.

Print and Distribute Across Your NetworkDisplay of various print products

Managing your print distribution just got easier. We help corporate customers print and distribute company collateral to multiple recipients across multiple locations in a few simple steps.

Your Online Document Resource Center

With our online print portal that features a collateral section, you can manage and catalogue your marketing assets in a single, secure place. Select and customize only what you need.

Features and Benefits of The UPS Store Corporate Print Solutions

  • Streamlined print process
  • Professional-grade print quality
  • Users have access to the most up-to-date documents
  • Marketing assets reside in a single, secure place
  • Consistency across multiple locations
  • Efficient, timely distribution of printed materials
  • Digital archival for future reprints
  • Reduced carbon footprint associated with shipping

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Ready to find out how our Corporate Print Solutions can be tailored to your specific business needs? Simply fill out the CRS Business Application to have one of our Account Managers contact you.

Related Information

Your UPS account representative and Corporate Retail Solutions team will work with you to address your specific print needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review some of the more common questions about our corporate retail solutions programs.

Email for any additional questions.

What is The UPS Store Corporate Card?

The UPS Store Corporate Card is designed for companies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, associations, etc., with a large number of traveling sales representatives, field technicians and/or home-office workers. With the Corporate Card, employees, customers, guests, clients, members, and/or other end users may purchase specific products and services at any The UPS Store location, and all expenses can be charged directly to the CRS Client.

With the Corporate Card, can I limit the products and services to which my employees have access?

As the client, you can set up a default company profile and individual profiles that define what your employees can access.

May I use the Corporate Card at all locations?

You may use the Corporate Card at all The UPS Store locations in the United States.

May I get multiple Corporate Cards with the same card number?

This makes cardholder accountability difficult. Most companies issue cards on an individual cardholder basis.

How do I obtain a CRS Corporate Card?

To find out more about the CRS Corporate Card program, contact your UPS account representative or fill out the CRS Business Application to have someone contact you.

What is your Alternate Delivery Location (ADL) program?

The ADL program is designed for companies with a mobile workforce or technicians who need to receive packages out in the field. It provides flexibility on where to send and receive shipments and packages. A package may be directed to a designated The UPS Store location rather than to the recipient’s primary residence or place of business. The recipient can then pick up the package at a time that is convenient.

With the ADL solution, what happens if end-users don’t pick up their packages?

Packages will remain at The UPS Store for a specified amount of time. When that time has expired, the packages will be shipped back to their originating locations or pre-determined destinations.

Can customers pick up ADL packages after the account-specified time frame?

If the program has additional days available with a storage fee, then the package can be held for those additional days. If the package is not picked up by the end of those additional days, the package will be returned to its originating location or pre-determined destination. If the program does not have additional days available, the package will be returned.

Can ADL end-users have their packages re-directed to their homes?

For security purposes, customers are not able to re-direct their shipments to another address. Once delivery is directed to The UPS Store, the shipment cannot be intercepted and re-directed to a different location.

How can I become part of the ADL program?

To find out more about the ADL program, fill out the CRS Business Application to have someone contact you.

What is your Returns program?

The returns program provides a company's customers and/or employees a convenient way to return items or merchandise via The UPS Store. Companies have the option of having all shipping and/or packing charges billed to them or to have the end-user pay for the service.

With the Returns solution, is it better to have The UPS Store employee pack my item rather than my customer or employee?

Our locations are professionally trained in shipping carriers’ packaging guidelines. This includes specialty packaging materials and techniques for a variety of items, including electronics. Whether or not you have The UPS Store location package your item(s) may depend on the value and fragility of the item(s) and your company’s shipping arrangements.

How can I become part of the Returns program?

To find out more about the Returns program, contact your UPS account representative or fill out the CRS Business Application to have someone contact you.

What is your Exchange program?

The Exchange program allows The UPS Store to fulfill the role of exchanging merchandise, parts or other items. When an item needs to be returned and replaced, The UPS Store can facilitate the exchange, saving the company valuable time.

How can I become part of the CRS Exchange Program?

To find out more about the CRS Exchange Program, contact your UPS account representative or fill out the CRS Business Application to have someone contact you.

What business services do you offer?

The UPS Store can help speed a company’s business transactions by offering its employees and/or customers access to business services such as copying, faxing, printing, notary, mailbox services, packaging, shipping and other related products and services. Companies utilize this program to facilitate communications with customers by using our network as a nationwide business services provider.

How can I get a consolidated bill when all of the locations are individually owned and operated?

By networking more than 4,800 The UPS Store locations, the Corporate Retail Solutions program enables us to offer central billing to our clients.

Can I obtain or purchase a list of your franchised locations?

We do not make network listings available upon request. However, we will assist you in finding The UPS Store locations that will best fit your needs.

We are looking for a temporary solution. Is the Corporate Retail Solutions program right for us?

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. Our solutions are intended to be long-term, ongoing programs. However, Corporate Retail Solutions can assist with temporary solutions under specific circumstances, for example, a product recall.

More information

To find out how our Corporate Retail Solutions can be tailored to your specific business needs, contact your UPS account representative or fill out the CRS Business Application to have someone contact you.

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