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  • 17 September 2015
  • Eric Michaels

Need tools for business expansion? These 5 print products can help

Recent reports claiming the "death of print products" have been greatly exaggerated. Though it is unlikely you often put pen to paper to communicate with business partners, friends, or clients, print materials continue to serve a very useful purpose as collateral marketing tools. In fact, they may be exactly what your company needs when you want help with business expansion.

Uniqueness goes a long way in a crowded marketplace.

Here are five print products that could help you achieve that goal:

1. Company stationery
When was the last time you saw quality company stationery? It is rare to find elegantly designed letterheads on attractive paper these days — which is precisely why one could help your business stand out from the pack. Uniqueness goes a long way in a crowded marketplace, so consider investing the required resources to design and print company stationery and envelopes.

2. Business cards
There are a few things that may never change in the business world, and business cards are one of them. Whether you are running a pop-up store, attending a tech convention in Silicon Valley, or networking with colleagues in a local pub, business cards still serve as the ideal method of exchanging personal and business information. Because so many social media channels exist, phone numbers and personal emails aren't always necessary. However, you should still have the pertinent information in place for anyone who wants to reach you.

3. Direct-mail products
As with company stationery, direct mailings have become rare enough that you could capitalize on this market with a well-orchestrated print campaign. Buying targeted mailing lists is part of the process, as is honing in on the right products for your demographic. Young businesses may find direct mail a great tool for expansion. Businesses with longer histories also have much to gain from a targeted direct-mail campaign. Mailings remind old customers you are still in the game and could gain you renewed interest by publicizing a new direction for your business. Like getting a personal letter, quality mailings can stand out in this Internet age.

4. Product brochures and menus
A paper-free workplace may be good for cloud-storage providers and software developers, but gourmet pizza shops and specialty crafts require old-fashioned paper products to provide information to customers. Product brochures should represent your business appropriately, so never rush through the design process if you want to make a lasting impression. UPS partners provide excellent graphic-design services at discounted prices.

To-go menus and other product lists may take a more subtle approach, but classic marketing principles apply: Know your audience. If Baby Boomers top your list of targets, print products may help your business immensely.

5. Promotional posters
People are always staring at smartphones on the street, using tablets on the bus, and working on laptops in the cafe. Nonetheless, large promotional posters still catch consumers' eyes and draw attention to your business. Consider designing one to hang by your entrance if you run a shop, or launching a poster campaign in neighborhoods or on public buses.

If you are concerned about the environmental impact of paper materials, there are ways to launch print campaigns without taking down a forest's worth of trees. Fully recycled paper, renewable materials, and other green alternatives can get your company noticed without beating up on the planet. Going green is good for business in any community. A modern approach to using print materials will turn heads and alert people to a new product or business — even in a world dominated by online transactions. Before you write off print as a tool of the past, consider how your business can benefit from good, old-fashioned paper. This month, you can save 30 percent off all The UPS Store online print products.

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