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Seven Lessons You Can Learn From Solopreneurs Who Found Success in 2016
  • 15 May 2017
  • Eric Michaels

Seven Lessons You Can Learn From Solopreneurs Who Found Success in 2016

When the going gets tough, entrepreneurs should look to other business owners who have conquered the same challenges they currently face. Even though there may be different circumstances, the techniques behind winning formulas often translate to many business situations. Here are seven lessons you can learn from solopreneurs who found success in 2016.

1. Know your strengths

Over the course of 2016, many solopreneurs learned the importance of understanding their strengths and using them to their advantage. Those who tried to replicate the success their competitors had in areas outside their expertise experienced problems down the line. On the other hand, the business owners who stayed in their lane and kept plugging away at winning formulas were able to take significant leaps forward.

2. Outsource the tedious work

While apps can help you cut out a lot of busy work, there are some essential business functions that require a human touch. Accounting, marketing services, and human resources tasks often involve somewhat tedious work that can eat up the time of a business owner. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, outsource the time-consuming stuff that others can handle at reasonable prices.

3. Find time to network

Whether you are pressed for time during the holidays or another particularly hectic period, you still have to make an effort to establish new valuable connections within your community. After all, other business owners can offer valuable opportunities and guidance as you consider ways to grow your company. Those solopreneurs who set aside a few hours every week to networking reaped the benefits in 2016.

4. Stay physically fit

Solopreneurs who were particularly successful last year remembered to prioritize their health and set aside time for regular exercise. While devoting 18 hours a day to your business may sound heroic, this can only be a short-term strategy. In order to be in the game for the long haul, you have to stay physically fit.

5. Address your mental sharpness

Your mind can also become fatigued when you constantly work long hours and only think about work. Take mental breaks throughout the day and make sure you set aside time to laugh and otherwise enjoy the lighter side of things. The most successful solopreneurs always keep this balance in mind.

6. Remember that technology is your friend

Oftentimes, solopreneurs who try to run their companies the "old-fashioned way" are doomed from the start. No matter what type of operation you are running, you must keep in mind that there are ways your company can benefit from leveraging the latest apps and computer systems. Working with the best technology can help you to keep labor costs down, increase efficiency, and manage your stress level. The business owners who succeeded in 2016 knew when to let their machines do the heavy lifting.

7. Have a positive attitude

In 2016, many people blamed the toxic nature of the presidential campaign and numerous celebrity deaths on some sort of hex attached to the year itself. Of course, most of these random events had nothing to do with the average business owner. The solopreneurs who found success in 2016 kept a positive attitude and did not pass the blame on the calendar or other extraneous factors.

These seven lessons you can learn from solopreneurs will continue to resonate in 2017. Make this year the best one your company has ever seen by following the above steps.

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