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5 Fun Ways to Show Thanks to Your Customers
  • 20 November 2017
  • Daniel Vahab

5 Fun Ways to Show Thanks to Your Customers

Customers are key to a business’ success.

As a small business owner, you need to maintain and nurture these relationships so that you can keep your most valuable customers coming back time and time again.

Looking for ideas to help you express your gratitude?

1. Write a personalized letter

While some may consider letter writing an old-school method of communication, a handwritten letter is still a heartfelt way to show you care. In today’s world of customization and personalization, customers value a one-on-one connection with an actual person at a business.

Use branded stationary or notecards and thank the customer for their purchase, or maybe offer them a discount off their next purchase. Sending this type of note through direct mail can be more memorable for your customers than getting an email with the same message.

You may also want to consider picking up the phone and calling a few of your top customers to express your appreciation. This simple act can make a lasting, meaningful impact.

2. Cater a special lunch

Want to go a step further? Consider hosting an exclusive lunch for a few of your top customers. Everyone has to eat, after all!

A lunch gathering like this hits on all five senses—tasting and smelling, shaking hands, and seeing and hearing from you—making it easier for your customers to remember the experience for weeks to come.

You could use any number of apps that help you create a quick poll to find out what your customers’ food preferences are, and really create a custom, unique experience that is sure to be remembered.


3. Establish a loyalty program

One popular way to show your appreciation is to offer loyal customers special deals and perks. Do you currently have a loyalty program in place? Within a customer loyalty program, you can offer complimentary gifts, monthly discounts, points to be redeemed for gift cards from restaurants and retailers, upgrades, and more.

As an added bonus, this kind of program provides you with valuable data, as members will need to provide personal information to join and allow their purchase history to be tracked. You can then leverage this data to offer personalized promotions that will further incentivize loyalty. For instance, you can provide shoppers with coupons on the items they tend to buy most. Loyalty programs offer an ongoing way to say thanks, since rewards will keep coming as long as program members remain active customers.

4. Create a customer newsletter

Another way to show customer appreciation is to create a newsletter providing your customers with content they find valuable. You can go many different directions here. Perhaps you can use the newsletter to share testimonials or highlight the cool projects in which your customers participate through work or community service initiatives. You may also want to use this newsletter to give loyal patrons advanced notice of an upcoming sale or product launch.

5. Host a party

Everyone loves a good party! While it may not be financially practical to invite all of your customers, you can extend the special event invitation to some of your best customers. This gives customers a chance to network with one another, get to know more about you and your business, and for you to hear directly you’re your customers about new opportunities and ways you can improve your business. All while everyone enjoys music, food, dancing, and giveaways.

Your small business survives—and thrives—because of your customers. When used effectively, the five tactics outlined above can help you sustain these critical relationships with your customers.

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