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Spring Clean Your Small Business & Start Fresh
  • 20 March 2019
  • Jelani Markus

Spring Clean Your Small Business & Start Fresh

Winter is in the rearview. Spring showers bring about a sense of change you can smell in the air. While most people may use this time to put away heavy coats and deep-clean their homes, a small business owner can take this opportunity to perform a different kind of sprucing up. Here are a few ways you can spring-clean your small business to prep for a season of success:

Take a look through your tech cupboards

Technology can make the hard work of owning a small business easier. When you think of the apps you use for your small business, consider which could use a touch-up. Sometimes you may rely on a productivity-enhancing app so often you may never think about an upgrade. Spend some time researching the new, innovative ways technology has advanced, and apply those tools to any gaps in your business.


Deep-clean your e-commerce platform

If a big portion of your sales occurs online, it is wise to keep your e-commerce running at optimal efficiency. Consider this a simple reminder to check on your links. If your website has recently been updated, it is possible some links are not connecting properly. A thorough review will ensure errors are sniffed out before customers find the dreaded “page not found” message and move on to your competition. Remember that online stores are an excellent way to capture data. Google Analytics can show you how people visit your site, where they spend most of their time and the last thing they look at before moving on. With that data in mind, make sure that the most popular areas of your e-commerce site are tip-top tidy.

Air things out with your employees

Sometimes you may get so focused on the large day-to-day components of your small business that you miss significant issues that are right under your nose. To avoid letting big problems continue to get swept under the rug, you can hold open and honest conversations with your employees at least once per year. Your team is a readily available and powerful resource when it comes to discovering real-time insights on everything from company morale to honest feedback on which policies are working and which are not. There are a number of tools you can use to get feedback that is truthful, actionable and even anonymous.

Send customers a springtime survey

If your goal is to start anew and arm yourself with information about what worked for your small business in the past year and what can be improved, reach out to your customers. Their viewpoints will vary from your employees’ and provide additional context about what you can improve. Gather emails, or use your contact lists to send out an effective survey to learn where you can improve the customer experience. Keep in mind that customers do not have to respond to your request. Consider ways to entice them to participate, such as awarding exclusive discount codes after a successful submission.


Give your workspace a fresh face

One of the most tried-and-true methods of renewing your small business is actually cleaning up your small business. Declutter your virtual and real-life desktops. Give those unnecessary files from last year a trip to the recycling bin. If that old mug is no longer giving you joy, take a page from Marie Kondo and kiss it goodbye. Pulling out the wipes and giving your workspace a once-over can reenergize you, enhance productivity and, best of all, be fun.

Take stock of which tactics need a little dusting off and which need to be thrown out. If you are looking for an update to your business cards, posters, brochures or more, remember The UPS Store is always here to help with printing and designing a sparkling new look to show your customers.

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