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Lessons From Mom on Being a Successful Small Business Owner
  • 06 May 2019
  • Jelani Markus

Lessons From Mom on Being a Successful Small Business Owner

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it is a good time to remember that mothers are the first teachers for many people. Think back to who taught you to say “please” and “thank you.” Oftentimes, that person is your mother. And while you may have outgrown the need for little reminders to share your toys and wash your hands before dinner, there are always new lessons moms can teach you, even when it comes to small business. Here are a few skills naturally developed by mothers that can be useful for maintaining a successful small business.


Find the benefits of creativity

Running a small business can feel like rearing a child. You look out for them, watch them grow and hope that one day they can succeed without too much support from you. But any mother will tell you the key is being creative. What works for one child may not work for another. This is just as true for your business endeavors. In an effort to succeed, it’s helpful to remain constantly flexible and adaptable. Consider the unique properties of your business when searching for solutions. Creativity and small business go hand in hand. So allow yourself to think outside of the box, just like Mom would.

Get maternal with finances

On average, moms statistically make the majority of household purchasing decisions. When you make so many financial decisions, sometimes for two or more people, being budget-conscious almost becomes second nature. To run a successful small business, you obviously want to be efficient with your capital. Take a cue from moms: Negotiate costs, search for the best price and work smarter, not harder, to keep your finances in good shape. When you find yourself operating on a tighter budget, putting your “mom” hat on will help when you need to stretch one dollar into two.

Let go of the ego

Small business owners are often seen as smart, hardworking and imaginative. Moms are typically seen the same way. The difference in some cases has to do with ego. As a small business owner, you want to keep in mind that although you may be decisive and pretty awesome at what you do, it does not mean you always are, or need to be, right. A great mom knows that sometimes backing down to serve the long game is the key. Look for ways to get ahead of your ego when it comes to small business and to focus on the bigger picture.


Always be prepared

While you cannot foresee every little thing that can slow your small business train’s progress on the tracks, you can set up contingencies. Think about how many times you have seen mothers armed with a purse that works much like a Swiss army knife in regard to preparation. Hand wipes, stain-removing pens, bandages and more are always at the ready. And while mothers, like all of us, can never prepare to an exhaustive level for every occurrence, it is plain to see that being prepared as possible is a better bet in the long run. Consider your business, think of as many situations as you can, and work toward preparation. Even if you are not perfectly suited for everything that comes your way, you should rest easier knowing you have given yourself the best-case scenario for success. After all, Mom’s purse does not have everything in it, just most things.

Never give up

There are few bigger commitments than becoming a mother. When you decide to have a child and then have one, there is no going back. And why would you want to? You have made a decision out of love, and you are determined to stick with it through thick and thin. The same can be said for a small business owner. When things seem tough, you find ways to get tougher. Resilience is a virtue that great mothers and excellent small business owners share.

If you are a mom, a small business owner or a mom who is a small business owner, these skills will help to push you forward on the path to success.

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