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Sun, Sand, Success: The Small Business Summer Reading List
  • 29 July 2019
  • Maya Harper

Sun, Sand, Success: The Small Business Summer Reading List

As August approaches and employees with traditional nine-to-five jobs book their summer Fridays and weeks of vacation, a majority of small business owners find it difficult to leave their desks. When you are a company of one, two or even five, stepping away from work for a couple of days can feel unrealistic. But while it may be tempting to stick by your computer and answer “just a couple more emails,” burnout is a real threat for entrepreneurs, and it is essential to take time for yourself — especially while your customers, clients and contacts are likely to be in vacation mode too.

Sun, Sand, Success: The Small Business Summer Reading List

Great news for all the small business workaholics out there: Time off does not have to be wasted time. To help you maximize your relaxation time, we have pulled together a grown-up summer reading list with a mix of must-read classics and hot-off-the-press new releases. That way, you can support your business with your toes planted firmly in the sand. So when you cannot stare at a screen any longer, give yourself permission to get up, get outside and enjoy all summer has to offer with one of our top small business beach reads in hand.

Networking and People Skills

The Non-Obvious Guide to Emotional Intelligence (You Can Actually Use), Kerry Goyette
Brand-new for the summer, this is the latest in the business-focused Non-Obvious series. It will help you understand how emotional intelligence drives better business practices.

How to Win Friends & Influence People, Dale Carnegie
The subtitle says, “The Only Book You Need to Lead You to Success.” While some of the other authors on this list may disagree, the 15 million-plus copies sold since its release in 1936 firmly position this classic as a business staple. If you have not read it yet, grab a well-worn copy from your local library and get going.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey
Another classic of the business world, this beloved guide to productivity helped launch the self-help category. It is the gold standard for advice on effectiveness in the small business world, and a great motivational jump-starter.

The One Thing, Gary Keller and Jay Papasan
This 2013 bestseller dispels the myth of multitasking and helps show how focus is key to a more productive life. With so much to think about in both business and home life, The One Thing is especially helpful for small business owners who want to cut the clutter.


Rise and Grind, Daymond John
What could be better for summer than a shark teaching you how to swim? This Shark Tank icon explores the value of hustle, sharing lessons he learned in growing his $40 business into a company worth $6 billion. If you love it, check out his previous book, The Power of Broke.

Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, Melinda F. Emerson
For the deadline-driven business owners among us, the founder and CEO of Quintessence Multimedia offers a month-by-month guide for making your year work for you. Look for the second edition, which includes added info on marketing in the age of social media.


Start with Why, Simon Sinek
Every small business owner knows what they want to accomplish. But when is the last time you took a step back and thought about why? Sinek will help you evaluate your strategy by returning to the reason you started in the first place. Get a taste with his TED Talk on the same topic.

Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson
If you have ever wondered about the genius behind the turtleneck, dive into this in-depth biography. It is packed full of inspiration from someone who started small and built his way up to one of the biggest businesses of all time. Plus, the biography format makes it a fun read if you appreciate good storytelling.

There are many different ways to continue to build a strong business, even away from your desk. Spending time this summer learning from the pros is a valuable way to take in some new advice and recharge for the rest of the year. Once you are well-rested and ready to jump back in, check out The UPS Store’s wide range of Small Business Services to get moving on all that fresh motivation.

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