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How to Keep Your Business Top of Mind
  • 03 September 2019
  • Leo Covey

How to Keep Your Business Top of Mind

Think of your relationship with your customers as an ongoing conversation. The point of this conversation is simple: While you live, breathe, eat and sleep your small business, your customers may think about you only once in a while. But there will be a time, a very specific and special moment, when they have a need that lines up perfectly with what you do. When that moment arrives, you want to make sure that your conversation with them is still fresh and top of mind.

How to Keep Your Business Top of Mind

This is the essence of great marketing. There are some very specific things you can do to keep the conversation going so that you are in the right consideration set at the right time.

Keep things social

As a small business owner, you probably already recognize the potential of platforms like Facebook and Instagram in developing and growing your customer base. While your customers may not want to be your literal friend per se, you should treat them as more than a “follower” if you want to get the most out of your relationship with them. This is social media after all.

  • Rule #1: The real social media masters know how to steer a conversation, not monopolize one.
  • Use social media to ask questions and mine for feedback to make your business better.
  • Be responsive and respectful of people’s time. If your fans take the time to chat with you, make sure to comment back.
  • Reward engagement. Host contests to incentivize those who engage with a chance to win something meaningful from your business.

Email marketing and newsletters

While the best social media is snackable, email marketing and newsletters are an opportunity for you to dive deeper into your business story. From romancing your products to sharing your culture and values, longer-form content has the potential to forge a more meaningful connection with your customers. As long as you are adding value to their lives with relevant, high-quality content, they will engage with it (and possibly even seek it out). Best of all, once your customers interact with your content, you will have a window into valuable insights.

  • Embed links to your website, and see which ones are generating the most traffic.
  • Identify the days and dayparts when your audience is most willing to engage.
  • Hone your message based on what has resonated best in the past.

Direct mail

How to Keep Your Business Top of Mind

With the ability to reach the right audience with a tangible, tactile offer, direct mail can engage with valuable Millennials in a way that digital media doesn’t. The UPS Store® can help you put together a direct mail program to reach specific desirable neighborhoods or, if your needs are more specific, a list of high-value targeted customers. Either way, we can help you design, print, target and deliver the direct mail program that will keep your business top of mind with the right audience.

The UPS Store wants to be your one-stop shop for supporting all of your small business needs. If you need help with marketing, payroll, human resources or more, check out our small business services. We’ve curated a list of valuable partners, with exclusive offers, to help you maximize your opportunities and grow your potential.



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