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  • 27 July 2020
  • Leo Covey

5 Creative Ways to Show Employees Appreciation

A healthy business is one that recognizes the greatness within it and shares the love proudly and profusely. As explained in a previous blog, when you practice an attitude of gratitude, it unlocks a new level of happiness and job satisfaction between employer and employee. With COVID-19 challenging the ways we work together, now is a good time to revisit the idea of appreciation, but with a safe, socially distant spin.

  1. Consistency wins
    The first rule of gratitude is that a steady stream of thanks means more than sporadic grand gestures. Nurturing a culture of appreciation can and should be as simple as a thank-you email or phone call. Even better, when you copy the rest of your team, the recipient has a moment to bask in the spotlight.

  2. Social showcase
    Take a page out of the “employee of the month” playbook and feature a team member every month who deserves some extra praise. These shout-outs can appear in your social media feeds, giving you the much-needed opportunity to keep your content current — and positive. Include fun, interesting facts about who your featured employees are, including their hobbies and passions. When we share our people, we humanize our business, shifting it from an abstract organization to a group of family, friends and colleagues.

  3. Office parties 2.0
    Woman working from home with her baby in her arms

    Pre-COVID-19, get-togethers were as easy as an invite with a time and location. Luckily, video-conferencing technologies like Zoom and Microsoft Teams can easily be repurposed for a Friday afternoon happy hour, game of office bingo or, yes, even an online pet parade. Though they may sound silly, when you invest in fun, culture-building group activities, your employees get the much-needed opportunity to blow off steam from the stress of the pandemic.

  4. Acknowledge their lives
    Aside from being employees, the people who work for you are probably parents, children, friends and neighbors, too. And each one of these descriptors comes with a new set of challenges while COVID-19 remains. As an example, for working parents who have kids at home while running a business, consider ways to show your gratitude that involve providing them with additional flex time.

  5. Signs of the times
    If you are still dealing with store or office closures, consider investing in window signage that shows your employees’ friendly faces. Your neighborhood will be reminded of your place in the community, while your employees will see themselves as an essential part of your operation. The UPS Store can help you print signs of any sizes — with all of our stores remaining open as essential businesses in the United States.

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