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  • 08 September 2020
  • Kayla Meier

How to Plan Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Though it might seem like the year has lost its structure, the holidays will soon be here. Prepare for them now with your marketing plan. Over the past few months, customers have increasingly turned to e-commerce for their shopping needs, and that trend is expected to carry over into the holiday season. With the right holiday marketing campaign and e-commerce approach, you can prepare your small business for the challenge of a holiday season in these unusual times.

Work out your website
In this time of social distancing and constantly changing regulations, an intuitive, fully functional e-commerce site is more important than ever for an effective holiday marketing approach. According to daVinci Payments data cited by eMarketer, 71% of U.S. adults plan to do over half of their holiday shopping digitally in 2020. That means now is the time to invest in your small business’s e-commerce capabilities. Here are some criteria to consider when assessing your site for the holiday season:

  • Platform — There are many different platforms available to small businesses of all types. Whether you are looking to sell a few handmade items or take your entire inventory online, you can find the e-commerce platform that is right for your holiday season needs.
  • Marketiholiday marketing campaignsng — A successful holiday marketing plan will drive customers to purchase, so look at platforms thatmake marketing easier for your business this holiday. Some platforms allow you to make your existing blog or website shoppable. Others will help you optimize your email campaigns for a great viewing experience on any device. The more ways you can get your content in front of your customers, the more effective your holiday marketing campaign will be.
  • Features — Each platform has different features like a stock photo library, reservation booking functions or responsive design. And they all come at different price points. See what features are aligned with your holiday marketing campaign budget and are needed to reach your audience.

Straighten up your social pages
Social media is also predicted to be a major force in holiday sales. To prepare for the holiday season, make sure your social media strategy is on point. Though you may already use it to market directly to your customers, consider its role in boosting your online sales this holiday season. Check out these tactics to make the most of your social accounts:

  • Social shopping — Social media marketing has come a long way from posting organically on your business page. Now, many platforms allow customers to buy products directly from their feeds. Create storefronts on social, and consider running shoppable ads. This approach can take customers directly from discovery to sale, streamlining the holiday shopping experience.
  • Influencer marketing — In a crowded marketplace and a busy holiday season, influencers can help your small business stand out. Consider your small business’s mission and vision, and identify influencers that are aligned with your brand and your budget. Micro-influencers with a loyal and engaged following can help you get the most bang for your holiday marketing buck.
  • Promoted posts and paid ads — Sometimes the simplest way to market your business is through a good old-fashioned advertising campaign. Consider placing ads on the platforms your customers frequent. Social media ads are also a great way to entice customers with holiday promo codes and limited-time offers.

Pump up your promotions plan
Nothing spreads holiday cheer like a great deal. Use this time to set your discounts and promotions strategy for the holiday season. By working this plan into your holiday marketing approach, you can reward loyal customers and attract new ones. Here are three factors to help you outline your holiday campaign approach:

  • Discounts — While it might not be cost-effective for your small business to run discounts all year, creating an event around a holiday season sale could help you in a competitive and changing landscape. Additionally, including flash sales and loyalty discounts in your holiday email marketing approach can entice your existing customers.
  • Gift guide — Holiday gift guides are more than promotional materials for your holiday marketing approach. They also bring convenience and awareness to your customers, letting them know that you have their family and friends covered this holiday season. Create an email campaign that links directly to relevant product pages for holiday shopping made simple.
  • Shipping — Make this holiday extra special by offering your customers free shipping. Publicize your business’s free shipping offer in an email campaign, through social posts and on your website. When planning your holiday marketing campaign, also consider your supply chain and inventory. Make sure you have the right systems in place to avoid bottlenecks and shortages and to meet customer demand this holiday season. And speak to the packing and shipping experts at The UPS Store for help with your shipping needs.

This year has been hard to predict, but by preparing now for a busy holiday season with a strong campaign approach, you can tackle the holidays head-on. By marketing to customers online, your small business can stay on their holiday shopping lists, even when in-person shopping experiences are limited.

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