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  • 19 October 2020
  • Leo Covey

Preparing for the Shopping Holidays

As you and your small business ramp up for the busy holiday season, keep in mind the important shopping holidays that happen in rapid succession, starting right after Thanksgiving. The pandemic will continue to affect the way shoppers shop and the way you run your small business. Take learnings from each of these shopping holidays and apply them throughout the season, as different shopping and retailing “modes” will blur together this year.

Black Friday, November 27, 2020
Black Friday has historically been viewed as the official start of the holiday shopping season, a day when big-box retailers finally became “in the black” or profitable for the year. This year, holiday shopping started early

person holiday shopping on laptop

with the creation of 10/10/2020, and Black Friday will probably take on new meaning as both shoppers and small businesses navigate the season. If you are going to invest marketing support in Black Friday, it pays to do it in a way that is right for your small business.

  • Black Friday has traditionally been all about delivering value for your shoppers. Plan for your version of an irresistible “doorbuster” offer that will drive shoppers to your small business for an exclusive one-day-only purchase.
  • Find ways to deliver value and convenience. From contactless pickup to simple gift cards for future shopping, your customers are looking for retailers who can help them cut through the chaos of holiday shopping.
  • Conversely, if you can afford to, consider closing down your retail operation as an extension of the Thanksgiving holiday. It will garner goodwill with your employees, as well as shoppers who make decisions based on shared values.

Small Business Saturday, November 28, 2020
As an antidote to big-box retailers owning Black Friday, Small Business Saturday was created so that businesspeople like you could have a day to even the odds a bit. With many small businesses still struggling in this COVID-19 economy, Small Business Saturday’s part in your holiday success is more important than ever.

  • Draw people in with store signage that clearly positions you as an integral part of your local small business community.
  • Let the community know that you appreciate them with little touches like free gift wrapping.
  • Partner with other small businesses in your community to coordinate your hours together.
  • Use your social media to promote Small Business Saturday early and often.

Cyber Monday, November 30, 2020
In response to dramatic growth in online shopping, retailers created Cyber Monday as a way to drive sales via special digital deals for customers. Every day of this holiday season can potentially be a Cyber Monday for you because online sales have skyrocketed this year. So consider these tips a primer not only for Cyber Monday but also for all season long as well.

  • Make sure your sales platform is up and running and able to handle the increase in business.
  • Create assets that promote your deals on your website and social channels.
  • Identify and reward your most loyal customers with special discounts.
  • Brush up on your email marketing in promoting Cyber Monday.

Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Giving Tuesday was created as a means to tap into holiday spending mode and use it to celebrate and encourage charitable giving all over the world. This year’s Giving Tuesday will occur in the midst of the massive societal pressures created by the pandemic. The good news is that tough times can bring out the best in people.

  • To take part in Giving Tuesday and do some good as a business, find a cause that is meaningful and authentic to your organization.
  • Set out donation baskets in-store.
  • For digital shoppers, ask shoppers to add a small donation to their basket before they check out.
  • Consider donating a small percentage of your sales on Giving Tuesday.

May your holiday season be joyful and rewarding. We hope these tips get you thinking about approaching the season with confidence and know-how. Keep in mind, The UPS Store is here to help you navigate the holiday shopping and selling season all the way through the new year with printing, packing, shipping and more.

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