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  • 23 November 2020
  • Jelani Markus

4 Ways to Become a Fixture in Your Community

As a small business, one of your best paths to success can be found in your own neighborhood. When you are seen as a reliable fixture within the community, you are more likely to see reliable traffic, which can result in a benefit to your bottom line. But how do you transform your business into a staple of your local community? The following four tips may help you reach that goal.

Get involved in the community

The small business that gives the most to their community stands to gain the most from their community. When you are seen as the neighborhood “go-to” for more than just the products and services you provide, you create a lasting impression of trust in the minds of your consumers.

bulletin board

Promote neighborhood events in your store. A simple way to do this is by showcasing the flyers and business cards left behind by your neighbors. Visitors who want to stay in the know about events happening in their backyard will come to rely on you as a reputable news source.

Donate to causes important to those in your community. Schools, local sports teams and clubs are always looking for donations to help them pay for essentials and materials needed for growth. As a small business, you can help by donating and inviting customers to do the same.

Become a “third place”

To become a fixture in your local community, an important step is to work to become a “third place.” If your customer’s home is their “first place” and their work is their “second place,” a fixture in the community like yours can be their third.

Invest in welcoming décor to make visitors comfortable. When customers feel like they can unwind at your location, they will want to spend time and money there sharing space with other customers in the community.

Meet their needs if possible. Customers who spend lots of time in the same location will typically need access to charge their devices and use Wi-Fi. Providing complimentary access to your Wi-Fi password and charging stations will keep customers grounded and happy to return.

Offer specials to people in the community

Customers in your community appreciate being seen as valuable. When you can offer them something special just for their loyalty and for living nearby, you can build a reputation as a trusted friend and more than just a business.

Promote locals’ day deals. Let your customers know that one day (or several days — it’s up to you) is special for customers who live nearby. You can offer a discount on popular items for those who are in the know. And if an out-of-towner happens to learn about the special, feel free to pass along the savings and make them feel like part of the family.

Offer workshops/events

Many small businesses host events that help bring the community to them. If it makes sense for your business and you can spare the space, this is an excellent way to build your position within your neighborhood.

Get hands-on with workshops. Creative businesses that offer workshops to teach customers new skills can drive foot traffic and stay top of mind as a place to spend time and money.

Hold events to bring culture to your community. Open mics, book clubs and art exhibit showcases are just a few ways to use your space as a means to partner with members of your community and provide a sense of pride you can share with your neighbors.

If you want your small business to be seen as a fixture of the community, using these tips can be very helpful toward reaching your goal. You can take a cue from a famous song and become a place “where everybody knows your name.”

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