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The UPS Store Small Business Blog
  • 09 November 2020
  • Taylor Miller

How to Use National Holidays for Marketing Your Small Business

When deciding on which holidays to celebrate each year as you are putting together your national holiday marketing plan, don’t think only of the major holidays; also think of the smaller ones. Along with smaller holidays, there are holidays you can create on your own that are more specific to your small business.

We’ve put together five tips that will help you prep for your yearly social media holiday planning.

  1. Special Promos
    One of the biggest advantages of a national holiday for any type of business is being able to offer special promotions for that particular holiday. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are perfect examples of non-traditional holidays that exist only to boost sales by cutting back prices.
  2. Creating Your Own Holiday
    lady holiday shopping with bags

    Not all holidays fit every small business. Occasionally, you can create your own holiday that is specifically crafted to your small business. People can create a “5-year anniversary” holiday or piggyback on the trendier holidays such as “national donut day” or “talk like a pirate day.” By creating your own holiday and sidestepping major national holidays, you are able to stand out in the crowd and not worry about competing with larger businesses.
  3. Theme It Up!
    Customers enjoy feeling like they are walking into an experience when entering a store. Take advantage of national holidays to decorate your store, window displays and even your website homepage according to the theme of the current holiday. You can even get festive with your packaging — just to add that extra touch and to make the moment feel like a limited-time opportunity.
  4. Staying Active on Social Media
    Social media should be your best friend when developing any type of national holiday marketing plan, whether it’s a limited-time sale or an upcoming event. Encourage your followers to share your posts or share their own photos from their visits to your small business. This is also the perfect time to schedule contests or giveaways to attract new customers.
  5. Planning Out the Year
    Take the time to plan your social media strategy by starting with your objectives. Once you know your goals, you can start putting together the rest of your plan so that you can actually reach your goals. Planning also takes away the last-minute stresses that could erupt at a moment’s notice.

It is always important to think of what your customers would like to see during the holidays so you can deliver what you do best. Your goal should be to create a social media holiday-planning calendar that creates the best results for your small business. So begin your planning to make the most of the 2020 holiday season and beyond into 2021!

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