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Exterior photo of a The UPS Store location at night

Media Room

Get the basics on the history, growth, recognition and leadership for The UPS Store.

Media Room

Learn more about The UPS Store, Inc. history, growth, industry recognition, and leadership team.  

Media Relations

Inquiries from members of press only:
(858) 642-7967 or (858) 642-7968
Email: Public Relations

Media Kit Assets
Media Kit (.pdf)
Holiday B-Roll (video)
B-Roll (video)
PPE B-Roll (video)
New Store Design B-Roll (video)
Toys for Tots Literacy Program B-Roll (video)

Artwork Available
Contact The UPS Store, Inc. Public Relations to request any of the images listed below. 
(858) 642-7967 or (858) 642-7968
Email: Public Relations

Exterior The UPS Store location
Interior The UPS Store location 

The UPS Store 

Color and B&W Headshots
Tim Davis, President 

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The UPS Store Retail Center Images for Print
Interior (PC and MAC)
Exterior (PC and MAC)
Copy Area (PC and MAC)
Supplies Area (PC and MAC) 

Tim Davis, President
Color photo (PC and MAC)
Black & white photo (PC and MAC)

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