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Every Door Direct Mail

Reach customers in specific neighborhoods with a postcard advertising your business.

Every Door Direct Mail®

Every Door Direct Mail® is a cost-effective solution to promote your business locally. Take out all the guesswork and complexities with direct mail marketing while saving time, decide on your message and neighborhood, and then we take care of the logistics. You can target by income or household size. Plus, your local store might even be able to help you design it all. How it works:


  1. Choose your product
  2. Select audience
  3. Upload or design
  4. We’ll handle the rest

Direct Mail Solutions

Spread the word! Whether you’re looking for total market coverage or a distribution that is more targeted, we can help. Learn more about Direct Mail Solutions programs including Every Door Direct Mail® and Targeted Direct Mail. We make it easy for you to reach your customers. Come into The UPS Store® to get started.

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